Save our oceans

We reuse more than


Plastic bottles each year

Our global environment is gradually deteriorating.
Global warming, industrial pollution, and rising waters are just a few ways of describing the modern global environment.
There has been an alarming increase in plastic pollution over the last couple of decades, which have resulted in critical damage of our oceans wildlife, birdlife and the living conditions of people located by the polluted oceans.

Governments, organizations, companies and people worldwide, fight to eliminate the tons of plastic that are dumped in oceans every year.
We, at Cimi Beauty Bags, support this movement and contribute by focusing on global sustainability, so we can secure a better environment for future generations.

Cimi Beauty Bags are pioneers in using rPET in our products. The first cosmetic bag made from rPET were introduced back in 2008.
Now, we take it a step further and rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) in the lining of ALL of our cosmetic bags and purses.

When buying a product made from RPET you contribute to:


  • -Reduce the need for new plastic production
  • -Help stop plastic waste in our oceans
  • -Support global sustainability

We hope to inspire the fans of GILLIAN JONES to choose sustainable products.
-The more we unite, the bigger the impact will be for a better environment!

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