Cimi Beauty Bags wants to give back.

We are seeking to fund donations of facemasks to the medical workers on hospitals in Ghana


A small donation of 10us $ will help donate 150 medical facemasks.
We seek the costs for transport, tax, customs handling and re-labeling covered. 

During the pandemic Cimi Beauty Bags imported ppe equipment to Scandinavia, now we are quite blessed in our home country Denmark, restriction reg. Covid -19 has been lifted and we do not have to wear facemasks, that led us to check out where our surplus stock of facemasks can make the most benefit and good. Through MSF (Medicals sans Frontier) we got in contact with GLOBAL MEDICAL AID, who collects and distribute medical equipment and medic to 3 world countries .

The first 96.000 facemasks to Ghana sponsored by Cimi Beauty Bags with help from GLOBAL MEDICAL AID and local transport company ESBJERG GODS , has been delivered, and now we seek funds for the next 96.000 pcs shipment , the reciever is identified by Supreme Court Attorney Hans-Frederik Dydensborg, founder of GLOBAL MEDICAL AID, and due to the nature of the virus we are fighting, the reciever of the facemasks might change as the need changes rapidly.

Read more here about the stunning story of a true HERO here:


When we called Hans -Frederik the joy was great on both sides, GMA just recieved a donation for visors, and the facemasks from Cimi came a dry spot. The first shipment of 96.000 pcs of facemaskes has already been delivered and sponsored by Cimi Beauty Bags of the surplus stock, but there is need for much more help, so we seek funding for the next coming shipment in September , and we need to act fast to fight the Delta variant of Corona. We need your help to sponsor the next 96.000 pcs. We seek 50.000 Dkkr to cover masks, transport , customs , fees and a possible relabelling .